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Whats Goin On

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  1. Marvin Gaye Lyrics. "What's Going On". Mother, mother. There's too many of you crying. Brother, brother, brother. There's far too many of you dying. You know we've got to find a way. To bring some lovin' here today - Ya. Father, father.
  2. "What's Going On" (Marvin Gaye song), the single and title track from Marvin Gaye's album of the same name "What's Going On" (Taste song), a hit single by Taste written by Rory Gallagher "What's Going On" (Casey Donovan song), a single by Casey Donovan "What's Going On", a song by Frankie Ford, B-side to "Chinatown".
  3. Lyrics to 'What's Going On' by Marvin Gaye: Mother, mother There's too many of you crying Brother, brother, brother There's far too many of you dying You know we've got to find a way.
  4. What's going on? And I say, hey hey, hey hey I said hey, what's going on? Ooh, ooh ooh And I try, oh my God, do I try I try all the time in this institution And I pray, oh my God, do I pray I pray every single day for a revolution And so I cry sometimes When I'm lying in bed Just to get it all out What's in my head And I am feeling a little.
  5. In the end Gordy gave in and the single, What's Going On was released in January of Opening uniquely with a party in full swing then the clarion call of a beautiful alto sax, it commanded the immediate attention of everyone by its sheer originality. It soon was #2 /5().
  6. Oct 22,  · Simply 'cos our hair is long F#m You know we've got to find a way B7 To bring some lovin' here today [Chorus] F#m B7 Picket lines and picket signs F#m B7 Don't punish me with brutality F#m B7 Talk to me, so you can see Emaj7 C#m Oh what's going on, what's going Emaj7 C#m Yeah, what's going on, ah, what's going on [Improv].
  7. Once you have joined the group, let everyone know what's going on around the Island! Let us know about specials at work, Events you have coming up, Beach parties, or anything fun you think people.
  8. I said "Hey, a-what's going on?" Ooh, ooh Ooh Ooh, uh huh 25 years and my life is still Tryin' to get up that great big hill of hope For a destination, mmm Submit Corrections. Writer(s): Perry Linda "What's Up" is the only major hit single for the band.
  9. What's Going On is not only Marvin Gaye 's masterpiece, it's the most important and passionate record to come out of soul music, delivered by one of its finest voices, a man finally free to speak his mind and so move from R&B sex symbol to true recording artist/

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