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Tshitsheleka - Groupe Luluwa Sukisa - Tshitsheleka / Kapinga (Vinyl)

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  1. Togawa Chisa is the female representative for the month of April. She is a goddess candidate attending Diana Academy, and is a member of Fluna. Her producer is ChouchouP, and she is voiced by Nonaka Ai. Chisa is a short, bright orange hair and slightly duller orange eyes. She also has a bright four-petalled yellow flower clipped on the right side of her hair. She also has a strand of hair on.
  2. Groupe Luluwa Sukisa: 01 Kapinga (x) [Editions Danza Danza 2] 02 Tshitsheleka (x) [Editions Danza Danza 2] Orchestre Beloza: 01 Imeo (x) [Editions Evie 2] 02 Tabal'nse (x) [Editions Evie 2] Orchestre Bana Yenge: 01 Lumbu Kia Kiese (x) [Editions Lelu 16].
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  5. Groupe Luluwa Sukisa A: KABWALALA B: MUKWABUMBA. African Danza-Danza 2 P Groupe Luluwa Sukisa A: KAPINGA B: TSHITSHELEKA. African Evie 2 P Orchestre Beloza A: IMEO B: TABAL’NSE. African Lelu 16 P Chorale Bana Yenge A: LUMBU KIA KIESE B: MVU KUMI YE ZOLE. African National 7 P Orchestre Bella Mambo.
  6. Tsukasa First appearance OVA 1 Affiliation Yomi Zanshin Taisha-ryuu Personal Info Age Unknown Alias None Martial Arts Info Martial Art Shamyo no Ri Type Dou Master Unknown Tsukasa is a character that only appears in the OVA of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi. Contents[show] Appearance Tsukasa is a fairly tall young woman with long brown hair down to her back that she has tied in a.
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